Photocell Telescopic Door Systems

Telescopic doors offer two ideal solutions for the application areas with corridor type restricted
width dimensions by sliding two wings in one direction and four wings in two directions.

Photocell Telescopic Door Systems

Product Description
Telescopic automatic sliding doors are divided into three parts as two movable wings and one fixed wing in one direction, while the total area is divided into six moving wings and two fixed wings. It is possible to design the telescopic photocell sliding doors in accordance with your architectural preferences with various safety glasses, coloring techniques and rich possibilities.
Product Types
One Direction Sliding Telescopic Photocell Doors
Double Direction Sliding Telescopic Photocell Doors
Usage Areas
Areas of application require automatic photocell sliding doors, but in cases where there is no suitable opening distance with standard application, it is necessary to obtain more suitable width measurements with the principle of the deaf wing or reducing the area, on which the wings are put.

One Direction Sliding Telescopic Photocell Doors

One direction, telescopic doors provide a minimum opening distance of 1750mm in the application spaces. With a minimum length of 1750mm, the two movable wings can be divided into three parts, instead of opening about 825 mm by dividing into two parts such as normal single-wing photocell door by sliding the third part on the fixed wing or the existing façade to provide a clear opening distance of 1100mm. Telescopic sliding doors in one direction can have a minimum opening distance of 1100mm and a maximum wing opening distance of 3000mm.

Double Direction Sliding Telescopic Photocell Doors

In double direction telescopic systems, two wings can be slided into two directions, instead of one to the right one to left direction. The system, which moves on fixed areas after sliding onto each other, requires a minimum width of 2200 mm. The standard double-wing doors at 2200mm, which is the minimum measure of applicability, can open 1050mm, while the telescopic systems in double directions provide a clear pass width of 1400mm. The minimum pass width of the telescopic sliding doors in double direction is 1400mm and the maximum pass width is 4000mm.
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